Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Soul of Many Places compiles the best moments from Matthews' recording high point for Elektra (1972-1974). Featuring selections from Valley Hi, Some Days You Eat the Bear..., and Plainsong's The Search for Amelia Earhart, this is the best introduction to Matthews' finest work. The inclusion of non-LP tracks makes this essential for fans as well

Tracks : 

Ol' 55 (Tom Waits)  from  "Some days you eat the bear" 
For the second time (IM)  from "In search of" 
Keep on sailing (IM)  from "Some days you eat the bear" 
Old man at the mill (trad./IM)  from "Valley hi" 
A wailing goodbye (IM)  from "Some days you eat the bear" 
Shady lies (Richard Thompson)  from "Valley hi" 
I'll fly away (Albert E. Brumley)  from "In search of" 
True story of Amelia Earhart (IM)  from "In search of" 
Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young)  from "Valley hi" 
Biloxi (Jesse Winchester)  from "Some days you eat the bear" 
Propinquity (Michael Nesmith)  from "Valley hi" 
The fault (IM)  from "Some days you eat the bear" 
Even the guiding light (IM)  from "In search of" 
I don't wanna talk about it (Danny Whitten)  from "Some days you eat the bear" 
Louise (Paul Siebel)  from "In search of" 
These days (Jackson Browne)  from "Valley hi" 
Call the tune (IM)  from "In search of" 
Poor ditching boy (Richard Thompson) unreleased song from "Bear"sessions 
You fell through my mind (IM) unreleased b-side from "Valley hi"sessions 

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Artwork included


  1. What a great collection of tunes. I have all of the IM albums covered by this, but for anyone wanting a "best of" this will do nicely. Me thinks it should have had "Side Roads" from the plainsong record though; I just love that tune.

    Yup, cheers

  2. I had all these records, have never seen this.Cant wait to listen to these songs again almost 40 years later! I really dig your site-Thank You!


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