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One of the most unconventional albums ever recorded, this avant-garde psychedelic suite contains elements of folk, jazz, rock and electronica, but has a sound and atmosphere all of its own. Recorded in 1970, but barely released (despite the enthusiastic support of John Peel), original copies now sell for astronomical sums. Full album download comes complete with comprehensive liner notes.

Origin: London, UK
Released: 1970/MCA, 2006/Sunbeam

Produced by Roger Watson and G.F. Fitz-Gerald
Engineered by Martin Rushent, Steve Moyce, Jack Amos and Neal Sax.
Recorded in Advision Studios, London, 1970

Tracks :

1 April Affair
2 New Lodger
3 Country Mouse
4 It Takes More Than a Clear Day to See It
5 May Four
6 Ashes of an Empire/The End
7 Under and Over the Waterfall
8 A Movement Lost in Twilight Stone
9 Political Machine
10 Opal Pyramid Drifting Over Time

Band members :

G.F. Fitzgerald - vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitars, electric banjo, piano, bass guitar, gifflid, percussion, moog
Alan Place (Scorpio) - vocals and lead guitar on 'Country Mouse'
Rod Herman (Libra) - lead guitar on 'April Affair'
Brian Cole (Gemini) - steel guitar on 'Country Mouse'
Judy Dyble (Aquarius) - vocals on 'Ashes Of An Empire'
Geoff Leigh (Libra) - alto, tenor & flute
Rick Kenton (Scorpio) - bass guitar
Ian Andrews (Leo) - double bass, bass guitar, mellotron and moog
Sam Gopal (Sagittarius) - tablas
Ted Tetlon (Aquarius) - drums
Tony Turnbull (aries) - drums

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  1. Suprised to see this still on here after 2 years?....and no one picked it up ...except me?...nah that cant be right....can it?....well thanks for letting me share this offbeat gem...much appreciated....cheers.

  2. Downloaded this the other day, didn't get past track one due to crappy flaws in the file (ie missing chunks from later on in the song, ruining the listrening experience). I presume similar stuff is laced throughout the download. A shame!


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