Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This single eponymous, solo release from Valente of Quicksilver Messenger Service fame is, like the other reviewers have noted, definitely a relic. With that label comes certain connotations--it is a piece trapped in a specific time period, but it is also somewhat of a buried treasure. I've found both of these observations to be at least partially, but not completely true.

Dino's definitely representing a spaced-out hippie mentality with his style and romance-obsessed lyrics. That's true, but his sound on this particular record is pretty cool, with some sweet reverbed horns, 12-string, and a voice that sounds (at its best) a lot to me like Johnny Rivers. Unfortunately, this same production/arrangement sound gets a little bit bland once you realize that the entire album sounds basically the same, so the second half isn't too memorable. This isn't really helped by his spacey, second person lyrics, that leave some to be desired. In the end, it's kind of like a more amateurly-played "Astral Weeks" without strong songs. I can't really recommend any of the songs over others, since they are mostly about the same things and sound the same, except for "Me and My Uncle," which is actually a surprisingly good, dark folk-style ballad. Nonetheless, I do enjoy the atmosphere of this record, and would probably still buy it if I had a second chance.

In the liner notes, Dino is called the "underground Dylan." He may have played in folk clubs (but who didn't?), but aside from that and attempted hairstyle, Valente has little resemblance to Dylan's songwriting skills. Unfortunately, this isn't the missing link or keystone for your obscure record collection (but hey, you can't win them all), but like I said, I still do listen to it sometimes and don't regret buying it. You may enjoy it more than I did, but it may at least be worth owning regardless.

Tracks :

1. Time
2. Something New
3. My Friend
4. Listen To Me
5. Me And My Uncle
6. Tomorrow
7. Children Of The Sun
8. New Wind Blowing
9. Everything Is Gonna Be OK
10. Test
11. Shame On You Babe
12. Now And Now Only

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  1. You know he wrote the hit song "Get Together" that the Youngbloods made famous, don't you?

    Cheers! CM

  2. If im not mistaken, wasnt there some friction between himself and the rest of quicksilver?....not too keen on him but ill give it a try....thank you very much


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