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The Climax Chicago Blues Band based in Stafford, England was formed in late 1968. The original members were guitarists Derek Holt and Peter Haycock, keyboardist Arthur Wood, bassist Richard Jones and drummer George Newsome. Colin Cooper on vocals and saxophone made up the sextet. In 1970, the band shortened its name to the Climax Blues Band. The band has released eighteen albums and has had Top 40 hits in 1976 in the UK with "Couldn't Get It Right"; and in 1981 in the United States with "I Love You". The two songs were also big American hits; "Couldn't Get It Right" reached #3 on the Hot 100 in 1977, and "I Love You" reached #12 in 1981.

Tracks :

02-Hey Baby Everything's Gonna Be Alright Yeh Yeh
03-Cubano Chant
04-Little Girl
05-Mum's The Word
06-Twenty Past Two , Temptation Rag
07-So Many Roads
08-City Ways
09-Crazy 'Bout My Baby

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