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Hans Brandeis together with Hans Reffert, one of the best guitar players in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area, founded their duo Flute & Voice in spring 1970. The same year they recorded their first record album “Imaginations of Light” which nowadays has become a rare collectors item (traded for 200-400 dollars). In 1973 they recorded a second album, “Hallo Rabbit” which was not published then, because it was not “commercial,” i.e. profitable enough for the major record companies at that time. Hans Brandeis moved to Berlin in 1974 and Flute & Voice stopped playing in 1975.

Last year, finally, a small independent record company in Berlin showed interest in re-publishing the recordings of Flute & Voice. As a result, a CD was released in November 1995 containing both record albums, “Imaginations of Light” and “Hallo Rabbit.” This publication resulted in a renewal of the co-operation of Flute & Voice. They started to rehearse again and recorded another CD, “Drachenlieder” (“Dragon Songs”), which was published in December 1996.

Tracks :

1. Imaginations Of Light (13:15)
2. Thoughts (10:13)
3. Resting Thinking About Time (9:47)
4. Notturno (8:12)
5. Natural Feeling (1:02)
6. Fairies (6:03)
7. Dorle (4:48)
8. Hallo Rabbit (6:56)
9. Scottish Rock (3:48)
10. Little Nemo In Slumberland (4:53)
11. Strike Another Match (4:09)

Line-up/Musicians Hans 'Flute' Reffert / guitar, flute
Hans 'Voice' Brandeis / sitar, guitar

Link :

Artwork included ( no back cover )


  1. Excellent pos, friend! I have "Hello Rabbit" only and now I will download their first album. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much!


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