Thursday, September 4, 2008


This used to be the UK '70s collectors Holy Grail before it was reissued on CD at a sensible price. Put out in 1973 on the Holyground label it's a beautiful mixture of mournful folk, dreamy orchestrations, weird sound effects and psychedelic progressive explorations loaded with fuzz guitars.



  1. Wonderful record, the best on the Holyground label.

  2. Too bad the tracklist doesnt match the list on the on the back cover. 'come on home' is missing and should follow 'rock me baby'. But 'rock me baby' is the final MP3 track numbered 10. This rip is absolutely not the same as the cover pictures included with it. None of the tracks in the MP3 archive are named or have ID3 tags so unless you know the song titles this can happen and it does all too often. This archive goes into my incorrect/wronginfo file until I find out more about it or get a replacement which may be downloading as I type this. Nice site in general though. Everybody blows it once in a while or we are not human.

  3. OK, Here is a good copy @ 224Kbps CBR. It has all the tracks and matches the back cover photo that is part of the INCORRECT POSTING on this blog. Love me or hate me I got you the right version. Kiss the spot marked x to show you're submissive and I will fix more wrong postings on this site, there are quite a few heh and quit stealing reviews from or at least give them credit due or at the very least put them with the right release which seems to be a problem for you. OK time to pay the Piper and kiss here...(_x_)


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