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Annie Haslam got her start in music on a dare. Taking the stage at a Canadian club to sing Mary Hopkin's "Those Were the Days" at some friends' urging, she made such an impression--surprising even herself--that she dropped her fashion design studies and started classical vocal training. Soon afterward, in 1971, she answered an ad and became Renaissance's vocalist.

Her clear, controlled voice was the missing ingredient in Renaissance's hitherto-unrealized prog-folk stew, and the group became an AOR phenomenon--even more so in the United States than in their native England. She remained with the group through sixteen years and ten albums, until, after myriad lineup changes and a stint as "Annie Haslam's Renaissance", the group finally folded, in 1987. Haslam then resumed a solo career which she had toyed with in 1977 with her release Annie in Wonderland, a collaboration with Roy Wood of The Move/ELO/Wizzard/Wizzo/etc. fame.

After two rather unsuccessful late-'80s solo releases, Haslam lost her recording contract. In desperate financial straits, she took to the road on a successful barnstorming tour which brought her back into the limelight once more. After a fearful bout with breast cancer, in 1993 she released her fourth solo LP, Blessing In Disguise, with the help of super-producer Tony Visconti.

Tracks : 



I Never Believed in Love

If I Loved You



Nature Boy

Inside My Life

Going Home


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  1. ive done something here to have you a few cents!

  2. Hi Preacher,
    Thanks to post this excellent album, I have been looking for it long tyme.

  3. I couldn't even find this when it was issued back in the day. Great job -- thanks for your excellent work! Love the blog - "Non illegitimi corborundum", eh?

  4. I searched for this album for quite some time. I finally found a used copy in a 2nd hand vinyl store oon one my forays during conference trips in the US.
    I like it as much for Annie's voice, as for Roy Wood's instrumentation and production.
    Now if I could just find Renaissance Scheherezade digitally!
    Thanx for another great download!


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