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Sweetwater was a Los Angeles based band which was signed to Reprise Records in 1968. Their debut album, Sweetwater, was a near-perfect collection of folk-and-jazz-based psychedelic rock. Imagine if the original Jefferson Airplane had been influenced by cellos, flutes, and Ornette Coleman, and you have some idea of that early Sweetwater sound.

Back then Sweetwater was one of those bands that gigged everywhere. Small venues. Festivals. Television. And they were the first band to play at the original Woodstock Festival in 1969. As a VH-1 movie profiling the group noted: "500,000 heard them at Woodstock. No one heard from them again." This was because Sweetwater came to a screeching halt when their lead singer, Nancy Nevins, was involved in a serious automobile accident which sidelined her for a dozen years.

Using some vocals Nancy had recorded prior to the loss of her singing voice, Sweetwater released two more albums over the next few years. Both Just For You and Melon have brilliant moments, even if they lack the unifying spark present throughout that first exquisite album. Sweetwater, for a number of reasons which were likely inevitable, fell apart as a band toward the end of 1971.

Sweetwater’s Cycles: The Reprise Collection gathers 19 of these original 1968-1971 Reprise album tracks. It's got a 20-page booklet with lyrics, track-by-track commentary from the band and photos and artifacts from their personal collections. Created with Sweetwater's active participation, Cycles: The Reprise Collection also contains three previously unreleased tracks including their performance of "What's Wrong" recorded live at the original Woodstock Festival in 1969 as well as one studio track from the recently reunited band, recorded in 1998, entitled "Home Again." All three of Sweetwater's Reprise albums have been out of print for decades and these recordings, remastered with care from the Reprise vault masters, appear on compact disc for the first time anywhere.

Cycles: The Reprise Collection is available as an individually numbered limited edition of 10,000 copies.


Motherless Child
Here We Go Again
What's Wrong
In A Rainbow
My Crystal Spider
Two Worlds
Through An Old Storybook
Why Oh Why
Whats Wrong (Live At Woodstock 1969)
Just For You
Day Song
Song For Romeo
Look Out
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Get It When You Can
Dont Forget
Join The Band
Home Again
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  1. Seems to be no active link here 29 Aug. 2009.
    It was 256 kbs too!
    Any chance of a repost.
    I have the self titled so might only need part 2.
    Can't find it anywhere else.
    Esp. if there was limited issue.

  2. I checked the links it appears to be fine , please try again if you can not access it again i'll help somehow..

  3. Preacher Man.
    Thanks and all praise to you and Rhino for this.
    Still no click through link but copy and paste the rapidshare address worked this time. Came through with no album/band/song titles but maybe i screwed it somehow by doing part2 first.
    Almost makes the self titled uneccesary by only missing 2 tracks from it.
    'Look Out' and 'Two Worlds' from Woodstock can now be found on the 'Woodstock 40 years on' multi CD set. Other low quality bits are on 'Woddstock Bootleg'. Surely someone could have done a Woodstock Special album.....
    What a sad thing the injuries to Nancy.

  4. Yes this is a great way to solve this problem i think it will really work.

  5. Nice. I love this band. A friend of mine owns one of those CDs.


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