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Formed in Cheltenham, England 1968. Decameron played contemporary folk-rock music, much of which was written by key members Dave Bell and Johnny Coppin. The group recorded for a variety of British labels during the early seventies and later on also performed some American doo wop tracks under the name The Magnificent Mercury Brothers.

The band fused together rock and folk in their own individual and distinguishable style.

LP Transatlantic1975 304


1. Rock and Roll Away
2. All The Best Wishes
3. The Strawman
4. Saturday
5. Wide As The Years
6. Journey's End
7. Road To The Sea
8. Trapeze
9. The Ungodly
10. Morning Glory

Band members:

Artist Credit
John Coppin Guitar / Keyboards
Decameron Main Performer
Dave Bell Guitar / Bass
Dik Cadbury Bass / Vocals / Guitar
Al Fenn Harmonica / Bass / Guitar
John Halsey Drums
Geoff March Keyboards / Saxophone / Vocals
John Mealing Keyboards
Michael WinfieldHorn


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