Sunday, August 31, 2008


Reminiscent of Curved Air on an acid folk trip, Baby Whale is a hard-hitting folk document from the ever-prolific scene evolving in and around Cambridge in the 70s. They put themselves at the forefront of the English folk-rock movement combining beautiful and eccentric songs, with often bizarre instrumentation.

Trackllisting :

1 The Old Man and the Sea
2 The Downhill Climb + The Cuckoo's Nest
3 Cornfields + The Cuckoo
4 This Time
5 Circles and Circuses
6 Dependable Spokes
7 Things Are Not Free
8 Evening Song
9 This Ain't My Life
10 Cabin Town
11 Easy Feeling
12 The Strangler

Band Members :
Anne Baker – vocals, guitars
Steve Brooks – vocals, electric guitar
Nick Barraclough – vocals, bass, harmonium
Adrian Kendon – vocals, fiddle
Brian Wren - fiddle
Lindsey Scott – fiddle

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