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AMAZING BLONDEL - A Foreign Field That Is Forever England. Live Abroad

AMAZING BLONDEL existed throughout the early seventies. Originally formed by John David GLADWIN, Terry WINCOTT and Eddie BAIRD after leaving another even more obscure band called METHUSELAH. For these three, the band was essentially a three piece singing and playing krumhorns, recorders, lute, theorbo, guitars, dulcimers, flute, piano, harpsichord, mellotron, organ, tabor, cittern tubular, bells, glockenspiel and percussion. English mostly acoustic 1969-76. Middle-age renaissance guitar, organ and other instruments, multipart harmony vocals, etc., bordering on the prog movement in England at the time. The musicians had earlier played rock and thus the music cannot be termed classical either. Among lots of famous guest musicians can be named Boz BURRELL, Eddie JOBSON, Steve WINWOOD and Mel COLLINS.

"The Amazing Bondel" was a collection of soft acoustic rock numbers that included one medieval-styled song that seemed to go over better than anything else, and that was the direction they aimed for in their future releases. "Evensong" is a folk album that harked back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Madrigals and ballads performed on period instruments became their specialty and the trio's creative ideas led to the concept album "Fantasia Lindum", which belongs more to progressive-rock than to folk-rock. "England" used the same technique to craft elegant, lushly-arranged pop songs. GLADWIN left and the surviving duo veered towards STEELEYE SPAN's hard-folk with "Blondel", entirely composed by BAIRD, "Mulgrave Street", "Inspiration", "Bad Dreams". The band reunited 21 years later for "Restoration" (1997), an album which harkens back to their halcon days.

Their third and fourth albums "Fantasia Lindum" and "England" represent the most musically sophisticated of the material, which any progressive fan without an aversion to folk music should have no trouble enjoying. Most fans of early GRYPHON, FAIRPORT, and other British folk rock will be delighted with this band.

Live, released in 1996

Track Listings

1. Introduction (1:05)
2. Seascape (6:53)
3. Dolor Dulcis (4:24)
4. Willowood (3:22)
5. Pavan (3:29)
6. Spring Air (5:38)
7. Shepherd’s (10:55)
8. Celestial Light (4:04)
9. Fantasia Lindum (19:22)
10. Landscape (7:54)
11. Saxon Lady (3:59)

Total Time: 71:05


- John Gladwin / lead vocals, guitar, lute
- Terence Alan Wincott / crumhorn, vocals, recorders, flute
- Edward Baird / lute, guitar, cittern, vocals

Releases information

CD - HTD Records, HTD CD 56 (UK, 1996)

In 1998 Blue Frame Records (under license of HTD and distributed by Dragon Records, Milan, Italy) remastered the same CD with the tile "A Foreign Field That Is Forever England" (cat. code BFFK 001). This CD have completely new artwork.

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